OneOS Small Operator Edition

We believe that every operator should have the tools fully manage their business in the best way possible, so today we are launching OneOS – Small Operator Edition!

Aimed towards smaller and growing operators, OneOS SOE provides the powerful core functions for managing your business, sites, machines, collections and engineering. This makes it an ideal way to move from paperwork and spreadsheets to an industry leading platform, and a great introduction to the OneOS software.

As your business grows you can easily move to the full NG Professional version if and when you need to too!

SOE edition is packed with features including powerful collection processing, configurable machines and cashless gaming processing, and the SOE edition is still compatible with our software for your field teams:

SiteCall, our field based collection software will make processing your collections on site effortless, including processing for cashless enabled machines (see below).

OneOS Mobile, our app for field engineers sends your service jobs right to your technicians’s hand and features a host of tools including GPS tracking and navigation.

Cashless Gaming

Full processing for cashless gaming is included in the SOE edition so you can quickly process collection with the GPT app system and others such as Cashless pool tables and Jukeboxes with App Pay.

So, what is the difference?

The SOE edition comes with the features shown below.

SOE Edition NG Pro
Sites 150 Unlimited
Configurable collection terms
Customer rent cards
Sliding scales
MGD reports
Logistics & planning
Machine management 800 Unlimited
Live monitoring
Depot transfers
Service calls
Service projects
Customer invoicing
Purchase invoicing
VAT reporting
Built in financial accounting
Users 100 Unlimited
Depots 1 Unlimited
SiteCall collection system
OneOS mobile

Pricing for OneOS SOE starts at £100 per month, giving you a fully featured management system.

If you are interested in powering your business with OneOS, please contact us for a free no-obligation quote.
T: 0345 527 8593

Or for more information see our website: OneOS SOE

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