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MDX Stream – Real-time Machine Monitoring

Introducing MDX Stream

MDX Stream devices plug into the BACTA port on your amusement machines and provide real-time information on play, earnings, status and technical faults. Using the MDX apps you can see your sited machines, know when they are accessed and by who; and receive important push notifications.

With visibility across your machine estate you can ensure your machines are available for play, free from faults and maximising your income. With real-time data you will see any potential issues with your machines before they are reported by the site.

Live Analytics

With MDX Stream you can see when your machines are most played, the denomination of credit from coin and note breakdown, helping to combat potential hopper starvation. You can see income from your whole estate or individual machines, showing cash take, pay-out amount and percentage performance, net earnings, hopper levels, refills and much more.

Security Features

MDX Stream captures SEC meter readings as well as all financial data, with the in-built collection function you have access to the most accurate figures when a collection is carried out. Your staff can log machine access using the device’s on-board RFID reader and tags, showing who attended collection and engineering events.


Stream devices are purchased on an individual unit basis for the hardware then require a subscription to the service which is charged on a device/month basis. The subscription provides unlimited access to the service and all the MDX apps.
Units are provided with all required cables and connectors to install the unit in a machine. 

Stream devices are priced at:


Per device
The service subscription is:


Per device/month
*Please note all prices are exclusive of VAT

To purchase devices please contact us


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