GPT Explorer Update

Today we have released an update to the GPT explorer app that makes it easier to see your GPT income by machine with a dedicated list view showing how much your machines have taken across a selected time range.

And as always, you can print and export the data straight from the app.

To update, go to Settings and click ‘Check For Updates’ then follow the prompts to download and install.

The latest version is: 1.0.9

Introducing GPT Explorer

GPT Explorer is a new desktop app for Windows that provides access to your data from Game Payment Technology contactless devices.

Best of all, it is FREE to get started!

Using GPT Explorer you can see your contactless income, SLU devices, registered machines and your settlement invoices all in one place.

Dive into each day and machine to see how your devices are performing with the interactive chart.

Download for FREE

GPT Explorer is available to use for free with limited functionality, and a full featured version that you can activate with a one-off licence purchase. No subscriptions or renewal fees!

With the free version you can see your last 7 day income data, SLU devices, registered machines, settlements in the last month and engineering app users, as well as submitting your venue data to the GPT website.

The full featured version gives you access to the full income data range, register new machines and connect or remove your SLU devices. You can also save performance data and settlements offline as well as exporting and printing everything.

For a full comparison of the free and full version see our website: GPT Explorer

Dark Mode

Enjoy using GPT Explorer without burning out your eyes with dark mode!

Download Now

To learn more and download GPT Explorer now, head across to our website by clicking the link below:

GPT Explorer

GPT Integration is here!

In the latest version of OneOS we have included direct management for GPT (Games Payment Technology). You will be able to view your live earnings using our interactive chart.

See your registered machines, SLU devices and registered app users.

Pair and un-pair your SLU devices with your machines directly in OneOS, and set up new GPT App users for your organisation.

To get started make sure you have installed the latest update for OneOS and enter your GPT API credentials in the integration settings. To obtain your API credentials you will need to request these for your organization from GPT.

OneOS Small Operator Edition

We believe that every operator should have the tools fully manage their business in the best way possible, so today we are launching OneOS – Small Operator Edition!

Aimed towards smaller and growing operators, OneOS SOE provides the powerful core functions for managing your business, sites, machines, collections and engineering. This makes it an ideal way to move from paperwork and spreadsheets to an industry leading platform, and a great introduction to the OneOS software.

As your business grows you can easily move to the full NG Professional version if and when you need to too!

SOE edition is packed with features including powerful collection processing, configurable machines and cashless gaming processing, and the SOE edition is still compatible with our software for your field teams:

SiteCall, our field based collection software will make processing your collections on site effortless, including processing for cashless enabled machines (see below).

OneOS Mobile, our app for field engineers sends your service jobs right to your technicians’s hand and features a host of tools including GPS tracking and navigation.

Cashless Gaming

Full processing for cashless gaming is included in the SOE edition so you can quickly process collection with the GPT app system and others such as Cashless pool tables and Jukeboxes with App Pay.

So, what is the difference?

The SOE edition comes with the features shown below.

SOE Edition NG Pro
Sites 150 Unlimited
Configurable collection terms
Customer rent cards
Sliding scales
MGD reports
Logistics & planning
Machine management 800 Unlimited
Live monitoring
Depot transfers
Service calls
Service projects
Customer invoicing
Purchase invoicing
VAT reporting
Built in financial accounting
Users 100 Unlimited
Depots 1 Unlimited
SiteCall collection system
OneOS mobile

Pricing for OneOS SOE starts at £100 per month, giving you a fully featured management system.

If you are interested in powering your business with OneOS, please contact us for a free no-obligation quote.
T: 0345 527 8593

Or for more information see our website: OneOS SOE

OneOS Update – With CV19 Tools

Today we have shipped a new update to OneOS that includes a host of updates including new fields on customer sites to help you track the re-opening of venues following the Coronavirus pandemic.

You can track the status of each venue (independent of the existing site status) and log the dates contact was made, potential re-opening dates and follow up dates.

These new tools will be available for the next 12 months in OneOS.

Update to see everything that has been added in this version,

Coronavirus Update

Due to the ongoing situation with coronavirus and the shutdown of the pub & leisure industry, in order to support our customers as much as possible we are halting all software licence charges on our products.

Customers will still be able to use our products without restriction and we are still available to provide support. Our team are now working from home in line with advice to help stop the spread of the disease.

If we can help any other machine operators who are not currently using the OneOS system please get in touch, this may be a great time to see how our software can help your business once we all get going again.

MDX Stream – Real-time Machine Monitoring

Introducing MDX Stream

MDX Stream devices plug into the BACTA port on your amusement machines and provide real-time information on play, earnings, status and technical faults. Using the MDX apps you can see your sited machines, know when they are accessed and by who; and receive important push notifications.

With visibility across your machine estate you can ensure your machines are available for play, free from faults and maximising your income. With real-time data you will see any potential issues with your machines before they are reported by the site.

Live Analytics

With MDX Stream you can see when your machines are most played, the denomination of credit from coin and note breakdown, helping to combat potential hopper starvation. You can see income from your whole estate or individual machines, showing cash take, pay-out amount and percentage performance, net earnings, hopper levels, refills and much more.

Security Features

MDX Stream captures SEC meter readings as well as all financial data, with the in-built collection function you have access to the most accurate figures when a collection is carried out. Your staff can log machine access using the device’s on-board RFID reader and tags, showing who attended collection and engineering events.


Stream devices are purchased on an individual unit basis for the hardware then require a subscription to the service which is charged on a device/month basis. The subscription provides unlimited access to the service and all the MDX apps.
Units are provided with all required cables and connectors to install the unit in a machine. 

Stream devices are priced at:


Per device
The service subscription is:


Per device/month
*Please note all prices are exclusive of VAT

To purchase devices please contact us


Access your data how you want with our apps for Windows, Android and iOS.


OneOS NG2 is coming in the next few days and is packed with interface changes, you will notice a splash more colour, better contrast and softer rounded edges throughout.

As part of this major re-design we are introducing a new menu bar and icon set, you can see this below:

Looking at the icons shown here, from left to right:

  • Filters: Tap to toggle the filters on data views
  • Add: Options for adding new items, a list where multiple are available
  • View: Options to open other related views
  • Action Button: Options available for editing or running specific related functions on the page
  • Refresh: reload the current data view
  • Print: Print the current data selection, includes printing to PDF or print to PDF and email
  • Export: Export the current data selection to Excel or CSV
  • Search: Search the current data in view
  • Display Options: Select the columns to display in the data view

The new menu replaces the older vertical bar that used to run down the left edge of screens, this new bar sits across the top and gives you access to all the same features.

When clicking icons with multiple items such as the view, shown here, a drop down list will appear.

Select the option you wish to open the related selection. If you move the mouse from the list, it will automatically close.

The report header control has also been updated to the same style as shown here. The green ‘Play’ icon will run the selected report.

Once you receive the update make sure you take a few moments to get to know the new layout and where all your usual menus are now located.

We’re Moving

Time to update your address book, on Thursday 18th April we are moving into our fantastic brand new offices. During the move there will be no disruption to any of our services so there is no need to panic!

After the Easter weekend all correspondance should be sent to our new address.

Our new address will be:

VMA Systems Limited
Mistral House
Kingfisher Way
Silverlink Business Park
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE28 9NX

Our contact numbers are staying the same too so you can continue to call us as normal, as a reminder they are:

Tel: 0345 527 8593
Fax: 0345 527 6983

OneOS Mobile Is Here

Today we are releasing OneOS Mobile for Android!
The new app replaces and incorporates TechCall – the mobile engineering app and OnShift – our employee tracking app, as well as adding a host of new features for all users of OneOS.

When a user logs in, the available options and features will depend on the individual’s job role and system permissions.
Engineers will have access to the same service call sections from TechCall.
Collectors will have access to their planned collection run and site list.
Business development managers will have access to their site list, and installed machine details.

All users will have access to the integrated messaging, address book, appointments and reminders as well as holiday requests and status.

OneOS Mobile is the perfect companion for all users, this initial release includes the features listed below and there are more to follow in the coming months:


  • Service calls – my calls, scheduled calls, area calls, project calls, near-by calls
  • Activity logging
  • Mileage entry
  • Generate calls on site
  • Service area selection
  • Get directions
  • Call site


  • View collection run
  • View site details
  • Log service calls
  • Get directions
  • Call site

Sales Representatives

  • View site list
  • Add notes
  • Log phone calls
  • Log service calls
  • Call site
  • Get directions to site

Admin Users

  • View site list
  • Log service calls
  • View active engineers
  • View assigned calls

All Users

  • Messaging
  • Company address book
  • Holiday requests
  • Appointments and reminders
  • VCloud online storage (if enabled for your company)
  • Geo-location tracking

Get OneOS mobile from the Google Play store by searching for OneOS or clicking this link: OneOS Mobile