OneOS Software Updates

OneOS NG Update

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Update has now been released for download, a minor update with improved functionality and some minor bug fixes.


  • We have tweaked the edit of un-posted sales invoices, to allow for the linked site to be removed fully.
  • When editing machine details, and running up workshop machines the coin and note validator selection is now mandatory.
  • The planning console has been updated to allow for jobs with higher approval to have the machine changed (to a different serial machine) without requiring re-authorisation. Changing the model is not permitted where higher authorisation is required, unless the user has the appropriate system permission.


  • Changing the machine in workshop jobs could intermittently crash, this has been resolved.
  • Collection CTMV report not loading results with percentage payout option checked.
  • The planning console could crash in certain circumstances where a machine was removed from a job and a new one added, this has been resolved.

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