OneOS Software Updates

OneOS Update

The latest update to OneOS brings some new functionality as well as some tweaks and adjustments, so lets dive in:

ADIPS Machine Inspection

We have added a field to the machine models to specify if the particular piece of equipment requires ADIPS inspections, in the workshop menu you will also find a dedicated menu showing machines due for inspection within the next 30 days or overdue. You can also register the inspection date and result against a machine.

Service Call Issue

We have added a function to allow for only authorized contacts to be able to place calls for a site, this is enabled at a site level. When set, any call being placed by a customer will be checked against the site contacts and only those authorized to do so will be able to place calls. If a non-allowed contact is placing a call, a message will be displayed to the user.

Request Planning System

There have been a couple of adjustments made to the planning system, mainly that when authorizing requests for installation or machine changes the specific machine can no-longer be selected, this is now only done via the planning console. The user can still select the model to be used.

The planning console can now only be opened against a selected costcentre, this prevents cross centre users having conflicting machines planned at the same time.

The route mapping has been re-enabled in the planning console and updated to use the latest (and faster) mapping service.

Site Gains Report

We have added a new report to find the first installation date on sites, using this between date ranges allows you to quickly find new sites in that period.

Data Export Logging

Every time a user exports, prints or emails data from OneOS it will be logged, there is a new report in the company section to allow directors to see this activity.

Everything Else

As well as the functionality changes above this update also includes:

  • Fleet – added list price field to vehicles
  • Fleet – added a report to show vehicle assignments between selected dates
  • Stores – added manual stock adjustment function
  • Movement Changes Report – added optional machine financial information (for admin users)
  • Service Calls Report – added option to show downtime
  • Financial – added sited machine depreciation report
  • Customer Terms – added batch update function (for company managers)
  • Cloud Hosted Version – fixed an issue with service claim signatures not showing
  • Meter Import – fixed an issue for legacy movements showing incorrect meter labels

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