OneOS Software Updates

OneOS NG Update

The latest version of OneOS NG has a number of significant changes, this update includes:


  • Option to set site types as duty exempt, this will apply when collecting machines in both OneOS and SiteCall.
  • Depot manager menu added to the main menu, this has depot specific calendars and holiday request processing.
  • A new ‘Machine Settings’ in Operations with access to the machine class, category, meter profiles and machine validators, which have been re-located here.
  • New meter types added for redemption ticket out, this accounts for percentage payout in calculations, and a new cash in with non-metered payout – this should be used for machines such as pushers where the output cannot be metered.
  • Engineer log in sessions on TechCall have been added to the service calendar where an engineer has been logged in for 30 minutes or more.
  • A notes box has been added to the ‘Add device’ to machine for recording additional information.
  • Online user manual has been added to the top right tool bar. This will open the latest version of the user manual.


  • Machine validators have moved into the new ‘Machine Settings’ menu as described above.
  • On the main personal calendar, holidays have been added for admin and managers.
  • VCloud file storage integration has been updated with search, folder download and a new status bar replacing the full screen loading splash which shows the status of large file downloads.
  • The engineer activity report has been updated to give a chronological view of all activities by the specified user.
  • Some interface tweaks to improve dark mode.


  • We have fixed an issue where the filters would reset on a grid if you un-checked the check box filter.
  • Fixed an issue where copy and pasting numbers on certain forms could cause a crash.
  • The usual minor bug fixes.

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