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Introducing MDX

Today we are unveiling a new service to the UK gaming and leisure industry, our new data transmission service MDX.
The Machine Data Exchange (MDX) is a new open standard for organisations within the industry to transmit machine information between each other in a modern, fast and efficient way.

As well as the service itself we are also launching pre-built client software for retrieving data from the service and exporting it to a variety of formats including the AMEDIS standard, this allows companies to tap into the MDX service and receive data in the same format they may currently be using without any changes to existing internal systems. The windows client allows manual control of downloads whenever you need them while we are also providing a service to install that automatically downloads data periodically.

The MDX service is built into OneOS (our fully integrated machine management solution) so customers already using it can now transmit data directly to the MDX service.

The Windows MDX Client

The MDX Automated Download Service

We are also extremely proud to say we are offering this service free of charge to all industry professionals to use, yes that is right 100% free, so no more data transmission costs, or mailbox costs or software licences as with other data transmission software.

And finally, along with all of this we have a windows SDK available to software developers to allow you to build MDX into your products to access the service directly, all fully documented with sample code.

All you have to do to get your hands on the windows client or SDK is register with us to obtain a client KEY and you can do so by emailing us at or calling us on 0345 5278593.


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