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GDPR Are your systems ready?

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on May 25th 2018, this new governance means any business or person storing data on individuals or other businesses must comply with the new legislation. Information on the regulation can be found on various websites with some brief FAQ’s at

In short, if you store or transmit data about your customers you must take appropriate action to ensure that the data is stored and transmitted in a secure and safe way, you also have to be able to prove this – or risk being fined.

OneOS can help you ensure the data you send and receive to your company users such as sales representatives, collectors and engineers complies, with fully encrypted transmission and remote device storage. So the data is not only sent back and forth fully encrypted but is also stored encrypted on the device itself. Added to that OneOS stores financial data and passwords encrypted in the database itself.

Our new free MDX service for data transmission is also encrypted by default, so your customer data is sent to processing business in the most secure way possible. This is built into OneOS so no third party software is required that could compromise the data with non-secure submission methods.*

Does your current software provider offer this level of protection and security?
To find out more about how OneOS can help you be more GDPR compliant contact us on or call 0345 5278593.


*We can only guarantee fully encrypted transmissions with processing businesses using the MDX receiver software, we are not liable for 3rd party systems that do not use encrypted transmission.

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