SiteCall Update

A new update is now available for SiteCall NG, in this release we have included the addition of ‘Dark Mode’. The theme is now available that complements OneOS throughout, it can be enabled from the settings section.

In this update:

  • Dark mode has been added
  • New meter entry function allows all meter readings to be entered against all machines without going into the collection processing screen for each one. This should aid when collecting sites with large numbers of machines.
  • Seasonal settings have been included.
  • General improvements in the user interface and the background functionality.

OneOS Update Roundup

This week we are releasing updates for all OneOS products, some small and some big, details below. The updates will start rolling out from Tuesday 12/09.


  • Added new ‘Dark Mode’ in user preferences
  • Added new custom service project surveys to build you own data capture response forms.
  • Updated a lot of the user interface along with the dark mode to improve some areas and colour contrasts.
  • Added folder upload to the VCloud integration, you can now drag and drop a folder onto the up-loader as well as individual files.
  • Fixed some minor background bugs and adjusted some print formats.

SiteCall NG

  • Added a new tab view to the site details section showing outstanding and completed collections in respective tabs, as well as a filter to organise the way collections are listed.
  • Added VCloud integration so users can browse company files.


  • Added VCloud storage integration so users can browse company files.
  • Auto open site when downloading a single site file.

TechCall NG

We are releasing beta 5 to our testers, while we prepare to publish the first public release which includes the following:

  • Added rep information and contact button to site overview.
  • Added new project surveys to call completion.
  • Adjusted the add new call drop-down to show sites in selected areas only.
  • Added machine serial in drop down when adding a new call.

Help Us Shape The Future

We want you to help us shape the future of our software, so we are launching our new Feedback Website where you can have your say. Once registered you can suggest new features, or changes to our software that you think would improve the experience, you can vote on other peoples’s suggestions and see our feedback on your ideas.

Once we have decided to implement any of the ideas you can see the status and see when it is complete and available to use.
Our products are designed to help you make the most of your time so we love hearing your ideas on them.

Head over to our feedback site here, or type in your browser:

We look forward to seeing what you come up with.