Coming soon: ‘Dark Mode’

There is something dark making its way to OneOS in the next update, but we thought we would share it with you early. We are introducing ‘Dark Mode’, which when set will change the colour scheme to a darker and higher contrast colour setting.

A lot of people spend a great deal of their day staring at computer screens and the amount of white light can take its toll on the eyes, this is the main reason behind the new dark mode setting in OneOS. We have reduced the brightness in the design and removed most of the whiteness to help with screen glare. Below is a little snippet of the colour changes.

Remember when using computers for any period of time to take occasional breaks and give your eyes a few seconds rest.

The new Dark Mode feature will be rolling out in the next forthcoming update

OneOS NG Update

Update has now been released for download, from within the app click the update bar once it appears at the top of the screen.  


  • Free day information to collection detail screen and number of days to movement terms screen.
  • New review section to customer section, the first available report is the movement target performance report, this mirrors the performance report in One CRM.
  • In CRM we have added the key information from the request, and workshop details when processing requests.
  • The CRM view in site details also shows more information including lock information and pool requests show cloth colour and type.
  • View workshop job from the movement detail and the request processing action menu.
  • User preferences now has the option to enable BETA functions.


  • Removed cancelled jobs from the planned jobs screen.
  • Site address geo-verify function has been improved


  • An issue where devices could not be removed.
  • Minor background errors.

TechCall NG – Beta 2

We have just release the second beta of TechCall NG to the play store for testers, based on your feedback we have made the following adjustments:

  • Added the ability to change the machine on a call.
  • Changed the way the ‘set completion time’ works on a call to a new dialog.
  • Updated the notification system to stop alerting on unread calls outside of your selected areas.
  • Updated the ‘Near Me’ function – this will now only alert you to calls close to you where there is no engineer assigned (or you are the assigned engineer).
  • Fixed an issue where additional blank meter boxes were showing against machines in the call completion screen.
  • Fixed an issue where entered meter readings were not retained when navigating to another part of the app.
  • Fixed an issue where calls completed by another engineer were not removed from the handset.
  • Fixed the date/time display when adding activities.
  • Fixed an issue where the app would crash on Android 4.4.3

‘Near Me’ Function

The near me alert will let you know when you are within a set distance from an outstanding call that is assigned to you directly or is not assigned to any engineer. 
The distance this works on can be configured in the app settings.
You will receive an alert when you first come within this distance of a call, you will not receive further notifications for it unless you travel further away and then come back within the distance of the call.

OneOS NG Update

Update has now been released for download, from within the app click the update bar once it appears at the top of the screen.
  • Push notification service for the beta testing of TechCall NG.
  • Nominal transaction reference update function, now on non-PL/SL items the update all option is available with optional date selection.
  • The notification service has been improved to auto-connect if the connection to the server drops.
  • Site category performance report now has the option to save selected columns in the configuration section.
  • Requirement for at least one firmware option to be added to machine validators.
  • An issue where editing an un-posted purchase invoice or payment could cause OneOS to crash.
  • An issue where paging previous on the collection view screen could cause OneOS to crash.

TechCall NG – BETA Launch

Today we are launching the first public BETA of the TechCall NG mobile engineering application.

Following our NG series of the OneOS software, TechCall has been completely re-engineered, to take advantage of the latest version of the Android operating system. As well as improvements in sync, speed, setup and log in the new version comes with a host of new features, some available in the first BETA and others to be enabled in coming releases.

The beta can be installed on the same device as the current version of TechCall, however you can only log in to one version at a time.

Improvements in BETA 1:
  • Simple activation and automatic set up.
  • Improved service area selection.
  • Easier navigation and side menus.
  • See all site calls on one screen.
  • Projects now displayed as a list with the calls shown inside.
  • Better sync.
  • New modern colour scheme.
  • Improved secure connection and data transfer.
New Features in BETA 1:
  • Push call notifications, sent at time of call issue or call assign.
  • Near Me – See a map of calls around you, view the call and claim it.
  • Geo-Alerts – TechCall can now alert you when you are within a configurable distance of outstanding calls.
  • Machine validator selection – to set the note and coin validator and firmware on machines.
  • Custom notification sounds
Coming soon:
  • Customer deliveries.
  • Custom surveys.
  • Automated preventative maintenance.
The BETA version is available now on the Google Play Store, here:
Beta versions are for testing and will contain bugs and errors, the application may crash or stop unexpectedly. Please only sign up to try the beta version if you are willing to accept this and provide feedback on your experience, this will help us find any problems and address them before the full public launch.