OneOS – New Feature: Report Builder

So today with the release of OneOS version we are introducing the power report builder!

Although OneOS contains a large selection of reports that cover everything from collections to financial performance, and most include selectable options and configurations, we often get asked for additional fields to be added here or there for individual customers.

The new report builder allows you to create bespoke reports from hundreds of available fields, and configure the parameters the report will run against, and built into a handy drag and drop interface.
Once you have created your report it will save to the ‘My Reports’ menu or you can share it with other users too.

The report builder can be found at the top of the ‘My Reports’ menu, click to launch. We have included a demo video here to show you the builder in action.

What Can I Build?

As an example, you could use the report builder to find collections between selected dates, that were carried out by a specific collector or for a specified customer and select the exact fields you want to see in the report. This allows you to create truly individual reports with the information that applies to your business.

Getting Better All The Time

The release today of report builder is the first in a planned development that will continue over future releases of OneOS where we will continue to add features and functions.

SiteCall Update

A new update is now available for SiteCall NG, in this release we have included the addition of ‘Dark Mode’. The theme is now available that complements OneOS throughout, it can be enabled from the settings section.

In this update:

  • Dark mode has been added
  • New meter entry function allows all meter readings to be entered against all machines without going into the collection processing screen for each one. This should aid when collecting sites with large numbers of machines.
  • Seasonal settings have been included.
  • General improvements in the user interface and the background functionality.