TechCall NG – Public Availability

After several months of fields testing with engineers across the country, today TechCall NG is being made available on general release via the Google Play Store.

TechCall NG was not an incremental update of the original app, but was re-built from the ground up, bringing a new look, new sync engine, new features and functionality as well as taking advantage of the latest features in the Android operating system.

Some of the features available in TechCall NG are:

  • Easier call management and completion.
  • Better service area management with alerts specific to areas being covered.
  • Service projects can now contain custom surveys.
  • Better location tracking and device logging.
  • Geo-alerts when within range of outstanding calls.
  • Near-me feature, to easily see on a map calls close by.
  • Non-service activity logging.
  • VCloud online file storage integration.
  • Improved sync and notifications.
  • Mileage capture.
  • Company wide address book.
  • Integrated messaging.
  • Log-out reminders.

Also new features such as customer order deliveries will be added in the coming months as part of the development road map for TechCall NG.

Available now from the Google Play Store: Here

OneOS NG Update

The latest version of OneOS NG has a number of significant changes, this update includes:


  • Option to set site types as duty exempt, this will apply when collecting machines in both OneOS and SiteCall.
  • Depot manager menu added to the main menu, this has depot specific calendars and holiday request processing.
  • A new ‘Machine Settings’ in Operations with access to the machine class, category, meter profiles and machine validators, which have been re-located here.
  • New meter types added for redemption ticket out, this accounts for percentage payout in calculations, and a new cash in with non-metered payout – this should be used for machines such as pushers where the output cannot be metered.
  • Engineer log in sessions on TechCall have been added to the service calendar where an engineer has been logged in for 30 minutes or more.
  • A notes box has been added to the ‘Add device’ to machine for recording additional information.
  • Online user manual has been added to the top right tool bar. This will open the latest version of the user manual.


  • Machine validators have moved into the new ‘Machine Settings’ menu as described above.
  • On the main personal calendar, holidays have been added for admin and managers.
  • VCloud file storage integration has been updated with search, folder download and a new status bar replacing the full screen loading splash which shows the status of large file downloads.
  • The engineer activity report has been updated to give a chronological view of all activities by the specified user.
  • Some interface tweaks to improve dark mode.


  • We have fixed an issue where the filters would reset on a grid if you un-checked the check box filter.
  • Fixed an issue where copy and pasting numbers on certain forms could cause a crash.
  • The usual minor bug fixes.

OneOS – Cloud Edition

Today we are launching a new hosted service to provide OneOS to customers without the need for an on-site server. 

OneOS can now be hosted in the cloud and it is all managed by us here at VMA Systems, our support team will take care of the set up, installations and software updates, so you always have the latest version of the OneOS platform.

We use industry leading data centers so you can be assured of the best service and availability and we only use UK sites so your data is always right here and covered by all applicable laws.

To find out more, contact us on 0345 527 8593 or at